How to create QR Code for Facebook Page, now marketing so much easier

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Now promotion through Facebook pages is very easy. Moreover, the presence of QR Code features on Facebook Page. A QR Code is a unique array of images that contain a link to the code owner’s Facebook account.  This will make it easier for all facebook Players, be it a business page, freelance, or just your personal page. By using QR Code you can print QR Code on flyers, posters, T-shirts, etc. so that when a QR Code is scanned by someone, that person will be taken to the code owner’s account without having to type the name in the search field.

Here’s how to create a QR Code for a Facebook page

  1. Facebook QR code to create a QR Code for your Facebook page, go to that page on the Facebook website.

  2. Then scroll down and click Publishing Tools in the left sidebar.
  3. On the Publishing Tools page, scroll down and select options QR Code in the left sidebar.
  4. Here you can select the Check-in option to your page and click Download All posters.
  5. This will download the PDF file. Here you can find QR codes in a variety of styles from use in flyers to use as gift covers.
    That way, you can share the QR Code for your Facebook page. But since it’s a built-in option, you also get the option to check insights like how many people have opened your Facebook page, how many likes, etc.
  1. To check those insights, go to the home page of your Facebook page. Here scroll down and open insights in the left sidebar.
  2. On the Page Insights page, scroll down and open the QR Code option in the left sidebar.
  3. Here you will find analytics of all the traffic you receive on your Facebook page from the QR Code you are promoting.

Facebook does not offer a QR Code tool in its mobile app. To do this, you need to go to the website in desktop view.

this method is only possible if you are the admin of the Facebook page. Otherwise, you will have to rely on third-party services.

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