Bellphone Bp 138 Solid, Hp Touch Screen 4 Inch Java Cheap

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Bellphone BP 138 SOLID, HP touch screen 4 inch Java cheap

If there is a 138 Lux bellphone, bellphone also has a 138 Solid edition, it’s just that both use different software. Bellphone lux 138 is a smartphone that uses android OS, while bellphone SOLID 138 is a touch screen cellphone which is a java phone variant of bellphone (non-android). What is clear, a solid bellphone is a cheap 400 thousand cellphone where this bellphone cellphone can be used for telephone and sms purposes. Can also install several types of applications and games based on java. Although it has the same design and touch screen, mobile phone 138 solid is not as fast as the performance of HP Android bellphone. Likewise, lending applications, games, and features that are loaded are still more responsive when operating an android phone. So it makes sense that the bellphone SOLID BP 138 is sold at the cheapest price of 400 thousand. Maybe it’s more about the phone and sms. For android devices itself, bellphone has the type of BELLPHONE LUX, BP 326, BELLPHONE BP 99 Aouto, and also Bellphone 268 MIX where more games and applications can be installed.

BP 138 SOLID is designed with touch screen operation. Bellphone embed 4 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a virtual button and a physical button “home” at the bottom at first glance resembles a samsung phone. Although not as attractive as hp with android system, solid bellphone still supported by 1900 Mhz frequency network and web browser to browse the internet, facebook, twitter, youtube and so on. The device is also equipped with a dual sim slot for simultaneous use. On entertainment and multimedia functions hp BP 138 Solid is equipped with a media player for music and video, FM Radio, and also a camera

Prices and specifications bellphone SOLID BP 138 hp touch screen 4 inch cheap Java-based can be seen in the news specifications and prices below.

Current new price of Rp 450,000

Specification of Bellphone BP 138 SOLID

GSM NETWORK 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
MP3 / MP4
Touch screen
800mAh battery

Thus the news of the price and specifications of the bellphone cellphone released some time later, namely the type 138 solid with a touch screen type offered at a very cheap price. This new bellphone is also working on a number of new android phones with full features, a wide screen resembling the BP 326 bellphone.

Latest price Update: Bellphone BP 138 Solid new price range when this Rp 200 thousands-400 thousands.

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